Saturday 19 July 2014

My Hackaday Prize Entry

Many of you out there already know of the website called Hackaday. They happen to be running a competition called "The Hackaday Prize", where people are invited to submit a project that meets a very lose criteria:
  • You must actually build something
  • It must transmit data to and/or from another device (computer, phone, duplicate/variation of your device, etc). This could be over the Internet, or using any other method of your choosing.
  • Our main requirements have to do with documentation. This includes lists of parts, schematics, images, and videos. Remember, Openness is a Virtue.

So seeing as I'd just bought some of the NiceRF radio modules for testing, I thought I'd give the test board a name and enter it in the competition!

So the test board is called QubeCast Max.
(Pocket) Qube
(Broad) Cast
Max - because it's high power! And leaves room for other models in case I make more of them.

Please support PocketQube's and my entry!

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