Update - 2023 - EduQube Version 1 is no longer going into production. This page is being retained for historical purposes. 

EduQube is an educational PocketQube satellite for the classroom.

It combines the popular Arduino embedded electronics platform with a suite of sensors and hardware, all in a form factor that is very similar to a PocketQube satellite.

EduQube introduces experimenters to the world of small satellite development, demonstrating the various features and subsystems commonly found in them. The platform can be used to conduct scientific experimentation and take a variety of measurements, to teach students about the world around them.

The platform was inspired by some of the lessons learnt while developing the "OzQube-1" PocketQube satellite. I felt that this would be the kind of thing that would be useful for people starting out not only with small satellites, but embedded hardware in general. There are many bare development boards our there in the marketplace, as well as many expansion options, yet none have been designed with spaceflight in mind. This platform is compact, but can be mounted easily into other structures. This means that it has the potential to be used inside amateur rocketry or high altitude balloons.

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If you are interested in the product, drop me a line at eduqube (at) Pricing and full details will be available once the product is released.

Software resources:

Combined Pressure, Temp and Humidity Sensor - MS8607 -
UV Sensor - SI1133 - **Coming soon**
IMU - MPU9250 -
Current Sensor - INA219 - **Coming Soon**

I'll add more links and switch to a dedicated repo once the software is developed further!!

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