Wednesday 17 June 2015

Backyard Shed In the Media

After presenting at the Australian Cubesat Workshop in April, the news about OzQube-1 had started to spread! It was picked up on by a local journalist who made contact with me. He said that he'd like to write an article for a newsletter that he publishes (Tiros Space Information), and that he also writes for the US based SatMagazine.
We did the interview, and he took a few photos. The results are here:

Following the appearance in the newsletter, I was contacted by another journalist who was representing ScienceNetwork Western Australia (SNWA). SNWA is produced by Scitech, the state’s science and technology centre and supported by the WA Government’s Office of Science via the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. So it's kind of a big deal here in Western Australia.

The article hit the website on 15th June 2015
 "DIY satellite launches from backyard shed to lower orbit"
The media reach from this was unexpected! The article was aggregated by -

And to top it off, the "Inside Cover" editorial in the only daily Perth based newspaper - The West Australian, picked up on it. Here's what page 2 of the paper looks like:
As a bonus, the resident cartoonist - Dean Alston, drew a  cartoon with a humorous take on backyard launches!

I had always wanted to try and inspire others with my project, so hopefully this media coverage will help with that goal. The humble backyard shed is where many great things can start!

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